REVIEW - 1More Quad Driver IEM by Denny Ryanto


1More Quad Driver

The "true" affordable audiophile-grade IEM

1More Quad Driver IEM


Hey what's up everyone, it's been a while since I uploaded any reviews. Been swamped with works lately :)

I'm back again with an audio stuff review, this time I'm bringing you the 1More Quad-Driver IEM (In-Ear Monitor). Much of you might not know-or ever heard of the 1More brand. That's because all this time they are working behind the scene as an OEM partner for Xiaomi. There's a good chance you may know about the legendary Xiaomi Piston, 1More team is the one who engineered them.

As usual, let's get to the specs before we continue with the review.


  • In-Ear
  • Weight: 18.5 g
  • Cable Length: 1.25 m
  • In-line Remote Control and Microphone
  • Oxygen-Free Copper Wire
  • Plug: 3.5 mm Gold Plated
  • Frequency Range: 20-40,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 32 Ω
  • Sensitivity: 99 dB
  • Rated Power: 5 mW


As you can see from the specs above, this IEM packs some serious resolving power. It is High-Res Audio certified and has 3 Balanced Armature drivers + 1 Dynamic Driver, hence the Quad-Driver naming. The Quad is easy to drive and smartphone friendly since it only has 32ohm of impedance. Not sure about the oxygen free copper wire specs though, they said that it improves audio reproduction (questionable). I'm always sceptic about cable upgrades lol.

Aside from the specs, check out the dope packaging. 1More is serious about their game y'all!

Black and Red

Kinda reminds me of "Porsche Design" aesthetics

Opening the box, you'll be greeted with concept artworks sketches and a generous amount of accessories. Ranging from shirt clip-ons, plug converters, magnetic leather pouch, and multiple-size silicon and foam earbuds (I'm guessing they're partnering with Comply). 

Can't get enough of accessories

Work of art


The Quad-Driver design is an eye-candy. It's made out of aluminium painted dark grey with red paint accents around the air vents, which I really like a lot. 

Check out the internal structures (by 1More)

Aww yeah

Aesthetics aside, this IEM comes with Mic and Playback Controls for smartphone use. Play, pause, skip, and phone assistant. 1More also said that the cable is tangle resistant, in which I found not on par with 1More claim, for me at least.

"Fake" leather pouch

The IEM is pretty heavy and it will pick up sounds when the cable gets rubbed on your shirt. You might want to sit-down when wearing this IEM. I'm also quite disappointed that the cable is not detachable. It'll be a pain the ass to replace them, when they're worn out.


Gunmetal grey 1More and OnePlus

Gunmetal grey 1More and OnePlus

So, how did it sound? One word: Spectacular! Given the price of a "mere" USD 200 at the point of my purchase, the Quad outclassed my bigger audio gear, the full sized Audio Technica MSR-7 headphone.

The Quad is a godsend, it's definitely my go-to IEM when I'm mobile from now on. I don't have to carry around the bigger MSR-7 anymore

One word: Spectacular!

This IEM has a wide soundstage given it is an IEM, outstanding resolution, and it gets pretty loud too. The sound signature is on the neutral/balance side. The bass sounded full, round, and definitely not muddy. The Quad really shines in the mid and upper section of the frequency, crystal clear velvety highs gives the impression of clarity to the overall audio. Try listening this IEM to Fleetwood Mac - The Chain. It will blow you away with the clarity.

You can clearly hear the instrumental layering given the right recording and DAC/AMP. I'm even quite surprised at this time, that I can even still hear sounds that I haven't heard before when listening with the MSR-7. Just wow..

As always, with high-end audio gear, this IEM is very unforgiving. If you have a bad recording or your DAC/AMP is not up to par, it will multiply the effect of poor audio recording/mastering (hisses, lack of separation, clarity) . Even without a proper DAC/AMP, the Quad is a very significant upgrade to your listening experience.



  • Spectacular audio quality, wide soundstage and clarity
  • Relatively cheap for what it can offer
  • Quality materials with nice paint jobs
  • Loads of accessories
  • Premium packaging


  • Unknown brand, I predict they're gonna get popular soon enough though
  • Cables aren't replaceable
  • Not tangle-free cable
  • Demanding, needs a decent setup (DAC, AMP, quality audio files)


  • Price: 10/10
  • Sound: 9/10
  • Design: 8/10

For USD 200 the Quad is in the region of full a sized headphones, but it may obliterate them too at this price range. The sound quality is just that great for the price and what it can offer, there's simply no competition.

Give your music 1More listening experience with the Quad.