Graphic Designers should study UI/UX (part2) / by Denny Ryanto

"Why should I care? I love my graphic design job!"


The modern graphic designers works on a computer. We hate it when printers screwed up the colors, we hate to calibrate our monitor to display dull looking colors that mimics ink on paper, and of course we had to re-calibrate the whole thing when switching to other printer or when we get a new computer. Adding that, graphic design unfortunately, is viewed as a lowly job in Indonesia. Getting low salary and assigned to an in-house division is the least option after spending 4 years in a university studying art, while fighting with our parents about our selected major. We all know this suck.

"Where do I start?"

If you just graduated, you've got a long way ahead of you to learn UI/UX. If you've already graduated and worked as a graphic designer, you're in even deeper hole. There must be a time when you looked at some hip websites or an app and you must've thought, "Damn, I wish I could design that." or "Blackberry is doing a crappy job on designing their OS, I can do much better." First things first, quit your boring design job and get into a tech startup. Tech startups are growing like mushrooms here, they're everywhere. These startups are desperately in need of a UI/UX designer. Here is where you can start fresh.

Getting a job in the UI/UX field is much better than getting a job on any other graphic design related field in my opinion. If you get into the right company, you will get better pay than most of graphic design jobs out there, you get rockstar treatments, you actually can do something independently without those nosy know-it-all marketing division people, and the most important part is, you get to create something that is meaningful and impactful, not just something that is beautiful, but usable as well. The key is to start early or enroll as an intern on a tech company. It'll be awkward at first, switching from a static environment to an interactive/dynamic one. But hey, we're designers, we like challenges aren't we :)

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