Some information were taken down, because of some corporate BULLSHIT.


Genki Sushi is Japanese sushi chain started in 1990 and has branches on several countries such as The United States of America, Japan, Singapore, Kuwait and Hong Kong. Genki Sushi is unique in a way on how the customers order their food. The restaurant can be considered "high-tech". The restaurant simply replaced humans with system. Inside you can only a see a few waiters in a relatively big place. 

iPads are used for displaying the food and can be used to order and view the bills in real-time.

Food ordered on iPads are then processed by the kitchen staffs.

Separate "bumpers" are placed on different kitchen stations. This one is to process drinks.

The project was exciting for me and the team, it present real challenge to us. To create a system from the ground up and to function properly on a 24/7 high-stress environment.

UX design is critical for the system, so it can be used as easy as possible by the users. These includes digital-menu on the customer side and "bumpers" on the kitchen.

Digital menu interface.


Updated menu interface.

Let's have a look at the digital menu interface. The UI/UX was designed as clear and simple as possible, with big buttons that made it easy to tap (call to action). When customers wants to make an order, they just tap the picture and tap confirm.

Category slider menu.

A really cool thing about this interface is the category slider menu, which sits on top. Instead of cluttering the interface with sidebars or tabs, we designed a button which will slide and present some categories when customer needs to filter the items. The button is clear enough, not too attention grabbing, and it is opaque, so it won't disrupt the browsing experience.

Bumper (kitchen) interface.

Bumper (kitchen) interface.

Captain App.

Some information were taken down, because of some corporate bastards from Indonesia and Japan.