Application showcase.

MATA2 is a cinema aggregator app for iOS and Android. It was made for Indonesian audience, who has an insatiable appetite for box office movies. Movie culture is pretty huge here.

It had a humble start. Back in 2012, frustrated because we had to visit the slow and clunky websites just to get theatre and movie schedules. We think, why don't we create a simple bare bone application in which we can view them faster. Naming an app is hard, so then we go ahead with "mata-mata". It means spy in Indonesian, as it was made to spy on cinema schedules :D Thus MATA2 is born.

The first version of MATA2 was very simple and we want to keep it that way; it only had movies list and schedules. The latest version has a vastly improved UI and UX, ratings; aggregated from MATA2 users (reaching 250k users) and Rotten Tomatoes, and push notification for upcoming movies; a unique feature of the app (it will send a notification if a movie/s that is marked on coming soon is now playing on theatres). The secret of why it's so popular is on the simplicity of the app. People who looked at it for the first time knew exactly what to do and what it is. This of course, comes down to a carefully done UI/UX researches.

MATA2 4.0 has been reviewed by DailySocial and Tech in Asia. Both are top Indonesian tech blogging websites. Daily Social article link (click to view). Tech in Asia link (click to view)

You can download the app now on the App Store and Google Play

MATA2 4.0 running on multiple screens and platforms.

Simple and intuitive UI/UX is the key to make a great app.

Push notification for upcoming movies, a unique feature of the app.

MATA2 4.0 running on iOS7.

MATA2 4.0 running on Android.

PS: I'll be sharing the process on designing MATA2 4.0 pretty soon.